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Recovering From A Computer Disaster

No one wants to think about it.  It’s just too horrible to consider.  But somewhere in your computer time line, you are going to have to deal with a disaster. When you hear the word “disaster”, most people think of natural events, like tornadoes, fires and floods.  These qualify to be sure.  But in the data […]

“Managed Computer Services” for your small business

“Managed Services” is the service catchphrase of the decade.  There are different marketing versions of the name: “Managed IT”, “Gold Service” and others.  But they all have one thing in common: you pay a fixed amount every month for (almost) all of your IT needs. It’s a great way of handling your IT budget since it […]

Your Computer Should be Like A Toaster

  I have worked with hundreds if not thousands of people over the last 4 decades, helping them make the most of their computer systems.  The people I have worked with had a wide range of knowledge and expertise when it came to their computers.  Throughout this time, I have had to adapt my support […]